Water Extraction Services in Sydney

With over 20 years in providing water extraction services to our customers in Sydney, Spotless Cleaning Solutions have the skills, the knowledge, and the experience required to provide our customers with the best results, every time.

Generally, when people think ‘water damage’, they think freak floods, rising sewerage levels, and general chaos and destruction. And while this is certainly true (and something we can help you out with), there are also other types of water damage that can cause damage to you house or office.

Moisture in particular, can cause damage to carpets, furniture, and walls. During a particularly humid spell, or wet spell moisture will cling to everything in your house, making it feel wet and sticky. Generally, after the weather returns to normal, your house will dry out naturally and you will likely forget about it. However, in this case, the damage left behind can be significant. Trapped pockets of saturation mean that the structural integrity of your house may be compromised, while carpets can begin to grow mould and fungus. When this happens, it is important to have someone reliable in Sydney to provide you with the water extraction services that you require. By extracting water from your carpet, your basement, or anywhere it is causing damage, Spotless Cleaning Solutions will restore your home or office to its optimum condition.

Our highly trained team of technicians will be able to extract water, and then dry and clean your furniture or carpets with state of the art technology. To prevent the spread of mould or fungus, you carpets and rugs will then be sanitised and deodorised. We complete all our water extraction services in Sydney while adhering to the highest possible standards of efficiency and safety. We can guarantee the complete protection of your property, and all our services are performed in a manner that will prevent the occurrence of any kind of secondary damage. We believe in working with honesty and integrity, which is why we will be more than happy to explain any part of the process you are unfamiliar with, or answer any queries that you may have.

If you want Spotless Cleaning Solutions to complete any water extraction services you require in Sydney, we are just a phone call away. Call us on 0403 359 344, or fill out our online form and one of our friendly, professional staff will be in touch with you in no time at all.