Sewage Clean Up

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A sewage clean up can be quite a complicated task. Sewage problems can result from leaking sewage piping, clogged pipes, damaged piping, or simply an inadequate sewer system. With the potential of toilet backup or raw sewage coming up in the bathtub or the shower, it is essential that you get this sewage clean up sorted ASAP.

Health Hazard

Sewerage damage brings all sorts of health concerns ranging from unpleasant odour to the more dangerous toxic living organisms in the sewage which are detrimental to your health. It is important that you have an expert cleaning company like Water Extraction Experts on call! We are just a phone call away 24/7 to deal with all you sewerage clean up needs, and also to deal with any other emergencies that might surface.

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If water has entered your home, it is important that you contact Water Extraction Experts without delay. Irrespective of whether this water has accumulated due to a storm or flood or malfunctioning equipment such as water heaters, refrigerators and washing machines, a toilet overflow or a sewer backup, it will have to be attended to on a priority basis.

If there is any kind of sewerage clean up to be done, specialized equipment and highly-trained staff will be required to handle it in an effective manner. When we attend to the job, the entire task is carried out with the highest levels of efficiency and expertise and your home or business will be clean sanitized and safe in the shortest possible time.

Prompt sewage clean up

We have years of experience in this space and are the specialists in sewage backup & black water removal.  Our highly-trained and experienced personnel will remove all traces of the sewage contamination and make sure that your premises are clean and healthy. We can handle all your sewerage clean up needs with professionalism and expertise.

Why sewerage clean up is important

Rain water, clean water or black water does not really matter at all to our team. We will clean your flooded basement or any other areas of your property, sanitize it and ensure that it is useable without any delay.

Why opt for our services?

  • Emergency 24/7 sewerage clean up
  • 1- hour service in almost all  areas in the city
  • Free estimates as well as free moisture inspection
  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • Professional and prompt service

If you have a sewerage clean up requirement, Water Extraction Experts is the company to call on 1800 853 094. You can also send us your service request via this website form.